Friday, May 23, 2014

Perfume: The Story of You

Things have been extremely quiet on EVBN. This has been (mostly) intentional. As with all of my posts, this one is yet another attempt to articulate just what it is that God is doing inside of me. I am finding it difficult this time to nail down the vocabulary to explain it. This is in part the reason for my cyber silence - lack of ability to fully explain this newest state of being.

You know that feeling when you bang your toe against the leg of the coffee table in the middle of the night and you're pretty sure that in a matter of moments you just might pee your pants from the pain and oh my goodness are you going to die? You hold your breath or jump around or, for those of us of the slightly more dramatic set, you roll around on the floor moaning and holding the throbbing appendage. You know the exact second when that pain disappears and you can inhale once again. Following that moment there is a period of time where the relief is so great it's almost its own kind of pain. Then...then there is this calm. You catch your breath and maybe just lay there for a second and think to yourself, "now, what in the heck was THAT all about?"